Upper cervical chiropractic treatments are gentler and less invasive than traditional chiropractic methods.

At Intelligent Balance Spinal Care, we specialize in a very precise and corrective form of body balancing chiropractic known as Quantum Spinal Mechanics or QSM3. QSM3 is unique to most chiropractic practices and techniques in that it works with the body’s central balancing mechanisms that maintain a person’s ability to function in a gravity environment. QSM3 is a progression of the NUCCA chiropractic technique that not only utilizes the precision NUCCA x-ray views to measure the exact upper cervical misalignment, but also takes into account the dynamics of how a patient’s posture and balance change as they heal.

Body Basics

It is the feedback to the brainstem from the eyes, ears and spinal proprioception that allows the human body to maintain an upright posture under the constant stress of gravity. When this ability to balance the body is compromised, a person’s frame breaks down and the spine locks into a stressed position. This shows up upon examination as a high and a low hip, more weight on one leg, rotated hips and a spine that is locked into a contorted position.

We work with patients who are seeking a better quality of life. Some patients are recovering from auto accidents, while others come to us with long-term chronic pain. Each patient is thoroughly assessed in the initial treatment session and has individual treatment goals. Progress towards these goals will be measured periodically, with state-of-the-art technology.

Treating for Permanent Healing

Many people feel trepidations about going to the chiropractor because they are afraid that once they begin going, they may be expected to go for the rest of their lives. While we know that many people benefit from some level of maintenance care, our goal is to treat you with an end result in mind. We aim to come up with a treatment plan for you that will significantly decrease in frequency after our treatment plan ends, which is typically about 6-8 weeks long.

A Gentle Alternative

Dr. Kim White is trained in NUCCA and QSM3 (Quantum Spinal Mechanics. These modalities are noninvasive chiropractic techniques, which are gentle to the patient and intended for long-term patient wellness.

With upper cervical chiropractic care, there is no jolting, joint-cracking sensation that is present in other modalities. Adjustments are gentle, and usually concentrate on the neck.