By using a holistic approach, we include information about nutrition and fluid intake, exercise and stress management, in all of our patient consultations.

Your treatment plan is geared towards you, which means we start by listening to your concerns and getting an overall picture of you health, habits, and limitations in order to generate a treatment plan with individual goals.

At Intelligent Balance Spinal Care, by using the QSM3 technique (a progression of NUCCA chiropractic treatment) we care for our patients as whole people who need help rebalancing their bodies toward the center.

The QSM3 technique is able to restore balance to the body by eliminating the distortions created when the body’s central balancing mechanisms have been disrupted. A gentle, non-manipulative adjustment at the level of the atlas vertebrae restores balance to the pelvis, spine, shoulders, neck and head. QSM3 is designed to make a lasting correction, preventing the need for constant continuous chiropractic care.

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The Process of Treatment

First Visit:

Before your first visit, you will fill out some paperwork about your health history, current pain levels, and your reasons for seeking chiropractic care.

At your first visit, you’ll find our office is warm and welcoming, and our staff treats patients with a level of extraordinary care. Our office even has a relaxation room which patients can use whether or not they have an appointment.

The first visit usually takes just over an hour, so that the doctor can learn about your health history, get a whole health picture, and assess current pain levels. The visit concludes with a posture evaluation, a physical examination and x-rays, so you’ll be able to better track the progress you’re making. If you are a candidate for upper cervical care, Dr. White creates a specialized treatment plan, with measurable goals. Treatment plans usually cover 6 weeks but vary depending on the complexity of the patient.

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